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250. Idea - How to Debrief to Win

March 20, 2023 Electrical Equipment Company
EECO Asks Why Podcast
250. Idea - How to Debrief to Win
Show Notes

Debriefing can have a powerful impact on business when done correctly.

In this powerful conversation Robert "Cujo" Teschner breaks down the idea behind a debrief and to execute them to achieve significant results.  His definition of a debrief is simple and elegant - Debrief is the constructive evaluation of the quality of our decisions and associated actions measured against the objectives we set out to achieve.

The key words of that definition are what Cujo unpacks in detail.  He starts by differentiating between a debrief and feedback.  Current business culture puts a heavy emphasis on feedback and while that has its benefits it often is met with a negative connotation. 

A debrief has an entirely different objective and when the culture is created to execute them efficiently, consistently and with a high level of vulnerability magical things begin happening.

Cujo gets tactical into how you can begin executing debriefs that make a true impact.  He covers the importance of perspective and ensuring that every seat at the table has an opportunity to be heard.  He breaks down the importance of debriefing wins and not solely focusing on areas of improvement.  This is a monumental shift in thinking as most organizations never take the time to research why and initiative, process, sale was such a big win and spend too much time discussing what went wrong.

This conversation you want to have a notepad ready as the wisdom Cujo shared will move the needle.  By the way Cujo is a former fighter pilot and his stories are absolutely incredible!  We thank him for his service and how he continues to make those around him better everyday.

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Robert "Cujo" Teschner - Founder, CEO and Chief Consultant at VMax Group Consulting

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