EECO Asks Why Podcast

246. Idea - Inside look at Modular Data Centers

February 20, 2023 Electrical Equipment Company
EECO Asks Why Podcast
246. Idea - Inside look at Modular Data Centers
Show Notes

Flexibility, customization and innovation are the heart of the exciting world of modular data centers! 

In this conversation Michael Hennings and Bret Lehman give an inside look at this evolving technology.  As frontline industry leaders they have a perspective that is unparalleled in this space.  

They share insight around how the technology has changed over the years and what is coming down the pike for the future.  In true EECO Asks Why fashion we have some fun and put Modular Data Centers in a ring against Brick and Mortar - listen to see who wins!

Michael and Bret had fun playing "Is It True" and took hard hitting questions straight on such as:

  • MDS only come in ISO shipping containers.
  • MDS are only used for temporary installations.
  • MDS tend to be more expensive.
  • MDS are less secure.
  • You have limited hardware and design choices with prefabricated data centers.
  • MDS are fixed and won’t scale.

These industry experts unpacked a ton of wisdom and insight in this powerful conversation.  For support with your Modular Data Center solutions let EECO and our valued partners at Hubbell and PCX solve your most complex applications. 

Remember to keep asking why...

Michael Hennings - Director Business Development at Hubbell Incorporated
Bret Lehman - Director of Product and Business Development at PCX Corporation

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PCX Website

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Host: Chris Grainger
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