EECO Asks Why Podcast

237. Idea - Directly Impacting the Industrial Skills Gap

December 19, 2022 Electrical Equipment Company
EECO Asks Why Podcast
237. Idea - Directly Impacting the Industrial Skills Gap
Show Notes

When the worlds of manufacturing and education collide powerful things can happen!

That's exactly what Jeremiah Williams is leading at Danville Community College in Danville, Virginia.  He is the Directior of Integrated Machining Technology and their program is leading the way in developing some of the strongest machining technicians in industry. 

Jeremiah shares how a program like his got started and the steps he is constantly taking to ensure they stay ahead of the technology curve.  They have several programs to offer students and have partnerships with the Department of Defense and other universities.  From short vocation specific programs to all out multiple year plans they have the training that is highly sought after in industry.

A constant headwind we hear is the skills gap in industrial manufacturing and the programs that DCC has developed is addressing it head on.  Jeremiah's programs even address items like soft skills that are needed to be successful in business which can often be overlooked in certain vocation curriculum.

At the end of the day manufacturing drives this country and we are proud to be able to highlight a program that is focusing so hard on helping us be as strong as possible.

Remember to keep asking why!

Danville Community College Integrated Machining Program

Host: Chris Grainger
Executive Producer: Adam Sheets