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227. Hero: Ayoka Gay - Agile Office Leader @ Schneider Electric

October 10, 2022 Electrical Equipment Company Season 7
EECO Asks Why Podcast
227. Hero: Ayoka Gay - Agile Office Leader @ Schneider Electric
Show Notes

"I like to connect people to what it is they need so they can accomplish what it is that they set out to do." - Ayoka Gay

That quote summarizes the powerful conversation we had with our hero Ayoka Gay.  She is driven to serve others and help them understand the many options that exist for the future.  Her story is amazing and began at Lockheed Martin where she was an integral part of the F-35 project.  She shares the feeling of watching the blood, sweat and tears come to fruition when she witnessed the first flight of the F-35 alongside her amazing colleagues.

These days Ayoka is making a huge impact in industry and is taking a proactive approach to supporting the next generation in their development.  She sees the looming skills gap with a glass half full mindset as the opportunity that lies ahead is huge for so many. 

She shares advice on how to get started by forging your own path and also the importance of seeking wise mentors that will provide much needed counsel.  Ayoka's energy is contagious and she will leave you energized and smiling due to her optimistic outlook on life.  She is doing amazing things and you will quickly hear why she is our hero! 

Guest: Ayoka Gay - Agile Office Leader  at Schneider Electric

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