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219. Hero: Joe Sullivan - Thinker & Founder @ Gorilla 76

August 15, 2022 Electrical Equipment Company
EECO Asks Why Podcast
219. Hero: Joe Sullivan - Thinker & Founder @ Gorilla 76
Show Notes

Joe Sullivan is making a huge impact on the world of manufacturing and it was an honor to have him share his amazing story.  He unpacks how his love of marketing led him down several paths that ultimately opened the door to the industrial manufacturing sector. 

He is helping manufactures amplify their voice and combat the lies that manufacturing is dark, dirty and dangerous.  He and his amazing team at Gorilla 76 are pouring light onto the new and exciting world of smart manufacturing that so many are simply not aware of. 

Joe founded The Manufacturing Executive Podcast in 2020 and each week brings tons of wisdom and insight from the brightest minds in industry. He speaks to the impact the show makes on their business and how it has led to numerous opportunities.

We got a peek behind the curtain at who Joe is away from the office including spending time with his amazing family. There are a few fun facts he shares including his love for ping pong and his favorite podcasts!

This was a great conversation full of insight and if you are considering a career in marketing or manufacturing our hero Joe Sullivan is someone to follow as he is leading the way and making a significant impact!

Remember to keep asking why! 

Guest: Joe Sullivan - Thinker & Founder @ Gorilla 76

Joe's Recourses:
Gorilla 76 Industrial Marketing Learning Center
The Manufacturing Executive Podcast
They Ask You Answer
New Sales Simplified 

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