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207. Heroes: Advocates for Vocations - Amber Wilborne & Jody Woolwine

May 23, 2022 Electrical Equipment Company
EECO Asks Why Podcast
207. Heroes: Advocates for Vocations - Amber Wilborne & Jody Woolwine
Show Notes

The next generation of industrial leaders are sitting in a classroom right now.  They are being taught many different subjects that will help them grow but too many never get the chance to learn about some of the exciting opportunities that exist in industry.  Amber Wilborne and Jody Woolwine are vocation advocates that have a passion for evangelizing to bring awareness to the many paths that exist on an industrial journey.

In this conversation they share their personal experiences that were each unique but which both led to serving in industry and making huge impacts.  They hit many of the topics head on that can start changing the game including:

  • Evolution of Vocational Industrial Clubs of America - where it was and where it is now
  • Perception of trades - why celebrating a trade school should be at the same level as a traditional 4-year institution
  • Power of apprenticeships and co-op's
  •  How parents can support and expose their children to vocation opportunities 
  • Student loan crisis and how vocation programs combat head on

The passion you'll hear from Amber and Jody is incredible.  If you think they have a great chemistry together you can blame that on genetics.  Being brother and sister they love to have fun together and they even had a good time looking back during a unique lightning round!

It is important for the industrial leaders of today to lean in and start learning how to be an advocate for the next generation.  As more and more businesses decide to on-shore the opportunities will be expansive and the need great.  There are amazing opportunities to earn a significant income and make a huge impact on the world around you once vocations are learned.  It's our job to make sure those opportunities get the proper spotlight and this conversation hits that on the head.  

We are proud to call Amber and Jody our heroes and we highly encourage others to learn from their experiences and start helping those behind us see the paths they never new existed in the ever evolving industrial world. 

Amber Wilborne - Co-Owner at TW Controls
Jody Woolwine - Leader at Mersen

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Host: Chris Grainger
Executive Producer: Adam Sheets
Podcast Editor: Andi Thrower