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209. Hero: Tanuj Thapliyal - CEO at Spot AI

June 06, 2022 Electrical Equipment Company Season 7
EECO Asks Why Podcast
209. Hero: Tanuj Thapliyal - CEO at Spot AI
Show Notes

At the core of who Tanuj Thapliyal is a desire to help people.  That has driven him to great lengths and ultimately founding Spot AI.  Tanuj put in the work to learn the skills needed to serve others so much so that he completed a double masters program at Stanford.  Having a passion for entrepreneurship he has great advice for those wanting to pursue their own path.

Some of his advice included finding those that are a few steps ahead of where you are to help push you to achieve what you never knew possible.  He correlates being an entrepreneur to playing a game of croquet versus golf.  In his view it is not so much about the long drives that make a difference in business as much as it is the little steps you take every day to get better.

Tanuj is helping industrials all over realize the power they have at their fingertips in utilizing video technology to enable better business decisions and improve processes.  He has a great practice where he tracks what brings him energy and what takes it away.  From reviewing those results he tries to lean in on the items that help him grow and also brings fulfillment to his journey.  That is a cool tip many can learn and start implementing today. 

From sausage McMuffin's to video enabled AI this conversation has it all.  You'll quickly hear why Tanuj is our hero and we highly encourage others to connect with him and the team at Spot AI for support in turning video into decisions on the plant floor.

Guest: Tanuj Thapliyal - CEO at Spot AI

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