EECO Asks Why Podcast

200. Idea: Simplifying Sales for Industry

April 04, 2022 Electrical Equipment Company Season 7
EECO Asks Why Podcast
200. Idea: Simplifying Sales for Industry
Show Notes

Get ready for serious truth as Mike Weinberg shares his insight on how to simply sales for industry.  Mike is a consultant, sales coach, speaker and author on a mission to simplify sales. His specialties are New Business Development and Sales Management, and his passion is helping companies and salespeople win more new sales!   Forbes named Mike a Top Sales Influencer and other publications list him as the #1 Sales Expert to follow on Twitter. Mike has spoken and consulted on five continents and is the author of three Amazon #1 Bestsellers. 

In this episode he peels off several layers of the onion when it comes to sales and provides great insight to help both sales professionals and sales management in the pursuit of their personal best.  Some of the areas unpacked are:

  • Why "Sales" gets a bad rap
  • How many overcomplicate the sales process
  • Importance of realizing that "Sales Follows Strategy"
  • Power of stories
  • Is the art of asking questions dead?
  • What is active listening
  • Is CRM a dirty word!
  • Irony - COMPensation and COMPlacency start with the same 4 letters
  • Blurring the lines between selling and managing
  • Value of coaches and mentors

This is just a taste of what Mike unpacks and this is one you will want to be ready to take notes with as there are so many areas covered where you can take action today.  As industry continues to evolve it is extremely important to remain grounded on how to best serve others.  With the right mindset, training and attitude sales can be an extremely fulfilling career.  We thank Mike for sharing so much wisdom and we hope this helps others grow their skills and confidence to master the critical art of sales in industry! 

Guest: Mike Weinberg - Consultant, Coach, Speaker, and Author

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Sales Management. Simplified
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Host: Chris Grainger
Executive Producer: Adam Sheets
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