EECO Asks Why Podcast

201. Hero: Jeff Long - Owner of True Focus Media

April 11, 2022 Electrical Equipment Company Season 7
EECO Asks Why Podcast
201. Hero: Jeff Long - Owner of True Focus Media
Show Notes

Entrepreneurship, video and ministry - this hero episode covers it all!  Jeff Long is absolutely crushing it at True Focus Media and he stopped in to share his story and encourage others to pursue their passions.  As a fresh graduate from a Bible College Jeff quickly learned that his calling would be in digital marketing and he has never looked back. 

He is a natural problem solver and shares how stair-stepping an entrepreneurial journey helps you grow as your confidence and abilities do.  He shattered the mold that you cannot purse careers outside of your "degree" field and recognizes that ultimately businesses are looking for people that have passion and that can add value. 

As a life long learner Jeff is intentional about investing in learning new skills as if we are not constantly challenging ourselves we are never moving forward.  We talk about mentors a lot on EECO Asks Why and while Jeff finds value there he leans hard into mastermind groups and speaks to the value they can bring for those wanting to connect with others and to be challenged in their careers. 

He shares about an amazing 360 degree video project of a manufacturing site and how his love of helping manufacturing with marketing drives him everyday!  We talk about life outside of True Focus Media and Jeff shares about his amazing family and things they enjoy to do together.  The lightning round was a blast and we bet you'll never guess what his favorite music is...Christmas!!

 Sit back and be ready for an inspirational story from our hero Jeff Long!   

Guest: Jeff Long - Owner of True Focus Media

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