EECO Asks Why Podcast

198. Women of Industry - Women and Family

March 21, 2022 Electrical Equipment Company Season 7
EECO Asks Why Podcast
198. Women of Industry - Women and Family
Show Notes

Mary Bruce Clemons - Industrial Controls Technician @ TW Controls
Taylor Smith - Creative Marketing and Sales Specialist @ PSNERGY
Linda Freeman - Industry Manager @ Rockwell Automation

EECO Asks Why is still celebrating the incredible women of industry! This week we discuss the families. There is a tremendous impact that industry has our family.  We brought in three heroes to unpack how they feel that impact firsthand.  Mary Bruce Clemons, Linda Freeman and Taylor Smith share their hearts as they explore areas such as:

  • Family constructs and how the dynamics have evolved
  • Headwinds that women in industry face directly regarding their families
  • Advances forward that are supporting women in industry
  • Advice for dads that want to support and be present more
  • How leadership can embrace new ideas to attract more women

They also provide great examples of how their companies are embracing flexibility and trust within their employees to create a work environment that you want to be a part of. 

At EECO we fully support and recognize the importance of family.  It is an honor to present this thought-provoking discussion from true industry experts as it is through these conversations that we grow together.

Remember, keep asking why and share this with others for encouragement for industry and our families to flourish in the future. 

Guest Mentions:
First Robotics Competition
Rachel Hutter - SVP Worldwide Safety, Health, Engineering & Sourcing @ Walt Disney Parks
Ashleigh Walters - President of Onex
Rupi Kaur - Canadian Poet
Ram Dass - American spiritual teacher, guru of modern yoga, psychologist, and author

Host - Chris Grainger
Executive Producer - Adam Sheets
Podcast Editor - Andi Thrower

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